Small Snippet From Emerson

Just a small snippet that came out of the recent gala benefit for the Honolulu Theatre for Youth last weekend. Nothing that we don’t already know or could have guessed.

After their performance, the actors bid at the silent auction and mingled with grateful guests. In their typical, obtuse fashion, some hinted at what’s to come on Season 5 of “Lost,” set to launch Menang Ceme in early 2009.

“I’m reunited with John Locke, and it’s powerful and shocking,” said Emerson, eyes twinkling (probably since the last shot of Locke’s face was framed by a coffin). Mitchell said no one character carries the show. Instead, it revolves around “little bits of all of us.” Furthermore, “none of the usual people are hanging together,” she added. “New alliances are forming.”

As has always been the case, even the actors don’t know what’s coming from week to week. Mitchell noted that “we still laugh and gasp when we read the script.”

Source: Full Report – Star Bulletin

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