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Ausiello’s latest post was about the latest casting tidbits. He provides us with a new Astrix game for Amy and then Doc Jensen (Jeff Jensen) provides us with his thoughts about the new casting call that was initially reported here.


Question: I know you’re a big fan of Reiko Aylesworth, so it strikes me as rather odd that you haven’t said one word about her joining Lost. What aren’t you telling us? — Robert

Ausiello: Pick up the next issue of EW, on sale Friday. All will be revealed then — including the missing letters to this asterisk quiz: She’s **** ******!

Question: Do you have anything on Lost? The long wait is killing me. — Ana Maria

Ausiello: Just 70 more days to go until the sixth (I am sure he meant FIFTH) season premiere! To help you pass the time, here’s some jasus in the form of a trio of new casting breakdowns that have been circulating on the web: Phil’s an ogre who works in corporate security, Jerry’s his party-boy colleague, and the doctor is, um, a hippy-ish doctor who finds himself in a sitch for which no internship could’ve prepared him. Our own Doc Jensen’s two cents: “Phil and Jerry work in ‘corporate security,’ huh? And the doctor is ‘hippy-ish’? My guess: Flashback to The Purge. Phil and Jerry are Dharma footsoldiers, charged with protecting the weird science enclave from ‘the hostiles’/’the Others.’ Of course, we know they will fail miserably, as Turncoat Ben helped gas the village. Perhaps the ‘situation outside of his medical experience’ that the doctor finds himself in is racing against time to save his fellow peeps from exposure to the gas.” Thanks, Doc!

Source: EW

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