Episode 5X06 – Set Pic Of Walt And Locke

Hey All,
As promised we have a new image from yesterday’s filming with Locke meeting Walt at a school.

If you have missed the recent spoilers and filming updates, Locke has been on a little mission of sorts with Abaddon. The filming is most likely for Episode 5×06 which is titled The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. Locke is back in a wheelchair and if you recall yesterday’s report Ben was also a part of the shoot!!

Well here is Waaaaaaaalllllttttt and Locke speaking to one another and keep checking back we might have more updates later…!!

Thanks to Kanaka for the image and Ryan for the heads up!!

NOTE: If you use this image on your site please credit “Kanaka” properly, this is their personal image.

As promised we have a new image from yesterday Episode 5x06 - Set Pic of Walt and Locke

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