Episode 5X06 – Locke In A Car Crash

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As most of you know, this week we have had several filming updates for Episode 5×06 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham, including several scenes with LOST Star Terry O’Quinn and co-star Lance Reddick (Abaddon) on some sort of mission. We have seen them meeting with Hurley at Santa Rosa, at a graveyard with Abaddon being shot and then Locke speaking to Walt.

Today’s filming report from Ryan is about a car crash scene involving Locke with the same blue car that was used in the filming when Abaddon was shot.

One of Ryan’s good friend happened to be near by and was able to get glimpse of the filming and was able to grab the image of a bloodied Locke below. Ryan mentioned that his friend was unsure if Abaddon was on the set, but he is not a fan so it quite possible he saw him without realizing.

Not sure who is after Abaddon and Locke, but several of you have many different theories. At this rate perhaps we will actually see Locke (Bentham) die as the title claims.

In a little side note, another friend spotted some cars with Oregon plates but no word on if those cars were a part of the scene at all. Of course Portland is located in Oregon.

Well make sure you check out Ryan’s full report and few more images at the following link:

LOST on Saturday – Hawaii Blog

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 this week we have had several filming updates for Episode  Episode 5x06 - Locke in a Car Crash

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