Episode 5X04 The Little Prince – Desmond Centric?

NOTE: Please do not discuss MAJOR spoilers from other posts besides in the post they were made.

Hey All,
Kristin at E! Online posted a small update for Episode 5×04 The Little Prince. She is reporting that the episode is about a “marooned sailor” and based on previous spoilers I think that means we will be getting a Desmond-Centric (focused) episode.

Based on filming reports I believe Desmond, Penny and Ben all apart of the story line and we actually posted some MAJOR spoilers several weeks ago.

My only other guess as far as a sailor sailing solo would be Daniel. What do you all think!?

Here is her post:

I find myself wondering who will play the role of Jughead and thinking that “The Little Prince” is pretty much about a marooned sailor. Hmmm…who could be sailing solo for a few episodes this season? (Hint: Not Tom Hanks, but someone I love even more.)

Source: E! Online

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