The Sub Is Back

Thanks to DarkUFO reader flyer for finding the following.

Yesterday, I went sightseeing with my friend, Wally. He used to work at Kualoa Ranch and he took me there to walk around and then do the Ocean Voyager Tour. We drove/walked around the grounds of the ranch. It’s breathtaking up there! Then, we went to the Ocean Voyager site. On part of the ranch property, they are filming Lost. I got to see all the crew milling around (no cast, but I did see all their trailers…not that I would recognize anyone other than Matthew Fox and only him b/c of Party of Five). Anyhow, we drove through their setup and they are filming an episode with a submarine and we got to see the sub…kind of cool.

Source: Amy@Hawaii Chronicles

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Damon Lindelof And Carlton Cuse Speak At Screenwriting Expo

Thanks to DarkUFO reader thedemonhog for this report from the recent Screenwriting Expo which they attended. Here are some of the bullet points from the report and you can read the full report below. It’s a good read and contains a lot of good insights into the writing of the show and a few spoilers.

– Cuse : “This year will probably be a little bit more science fictiony”
– Lindelof : “Lost has really been about the long con, because by the time we get to season 6, it’s going to be f**king crazy!”
– Lindelof : “As for the end of the series, and whether every question will be answered, Lindelof noted, “Sometimes we’re presenting things that are not really questions for us, but they become questions for the audience, and we don’t have an intention of answering them.” He said that something like what is causing that roar in the jungle they certainly intend to answer, but, “that’s not to say there won’t be some questions left,” depending on the individual viewer and what they become fixated on.”
– Lindelof : “There’s a fine line between The Sopranos ending and the way we plan on ending our show. There are going to be a lot of mythological wrap ups, but our suspicion is most people really care how the characters end up – who’s going to end up with who? Who lives? Who dies?”
– Cuse : “Cuse answered a question about the oft-confused Steve and Scott and said that not only would there not be an episode focused on them, but that there is “a very tragic event that happens this season.”
– Lindelof : “Jeff Goldsmith jokingly asked the duo their “Favorite scene from the Season 6 finale.”. Fans can speculate however on whether Lindelof was joking or giving any sort of real hint, when he said, “It involves a volcano.”
– We are never going to meet the DeGroots, but we are most likely going to see them.

I am from Vancouver, Canada, but I flew down to Los Angeles for the 2008 Screenwriting Expo. More specifically, I was there to see the writers of Lost and I sat front row, centre. Eric Goldman from IGN, who I shared a few words with in the audience, has done a pretty good job hitting most of the major points from the first ninety-minute panel with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse at, but for some reason, he did not stay for the second panel with Edward “Eddy” Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, so I can give you a rundown of what happened there, in addition to some things that the show runners said that is not at IGN.

Source: thedemonhog@DarkUFO

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Patrick Fischler Joining Lost

Update: Note: I fixed an error that I posted in which we stated he would be playing the Doctor. Fischler will play one of the guys in corporate security, either Phil or Jerry.

Thanks to DarkUFO reader Bigmouth for the following. This was posted originally in the rumours section but the recent article we posted confirms that he will indeed be joining the cast.

In an update to the information below we have learnt that he will be playing one of the guys in corporate security in episode 5.08 that we posted about here.

Bigmouth@Eye M Sick

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Amy Confirmed As Member Of Dharma

Reiko Aylesworth shouldn’t have any trouble keeping her trap shut when it comes to the big mystery surrounding Bandar Ceme Online her new Lost character, the smart and charismatic Amy. But it’s not the gag order imposed on her by Team Darlton that’s preventing her from telling all. It’s the fact that…well, she can barely straighten out the plot twists herself.

“I know the show, but I have to say, I didn’t quite understand everything [the writers] were telling me,” confesses the actress, best known for her role as 24’s late CTU director, Michelle Dessler. “But it sounds like it’s going to be great stuff. I’m just excited to do something other than getting people files and carrying clipboards [like on 24].”

One theory making the rounds is that Amy, who’ll be introduced during the show’s fifth season (debuting Wednesday, Jan. 21), will be revealed to be someone from the early days of the Dharma Initiative. (FYI: For those playing along at home, the answer to last week’s Ask Ausiello asterisk quiz is she’s “with Dharma.) That would seem to confirm buzz that Ben (Michael Emerson) transported the island and all of its inhabitants back to the ’70s in last May’s finale.

At least Aylesworth can say with near certainty that Amy’s love life will be complicated. “There’s definitely some conflict with the suitors,” she teases. Wait a second — suitors, as in plural? How literal will the show’s depiction of the ’70s be? “Obviously, we want that to be a surprise,” says executive producer Carlton Cuse. ” Let’s just say her role will be emotional.”

Okay, time to put on your thinking caps, Lost fans. If Aylesworth’s Amy is with Dharma, and my sources confirm that she is, what purpose do you think she’ll serve on the island? What do you think the “surprise” is concerning all the men in her life? And are you as excited as I am to see Aylesworth back on the tube? Comment away!

Source: EW

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Teaser Video For The Fray’s Promo

Thanks to Hannah for the heads up on the preview/teaser of The Fray’s Lost Music video which was mentioned here.

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Another Teaser Trailer For The Fray’s Video

Thanks to Liesbeth for the heads up. Here is a slightly different Teaser for the new promo that will air on Thursday.

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Hello world!

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